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AutoSpot User Account Instructions:

(Revised on: 10/05/2020)


To login and get your team setup go to once logged in, click on the ICON in the upper right, click SETTINGS, click PEOPLE


Now click on the three dots to the far right next to Role, click ADD NEW EMPLOYEE,


Fill out all information in pop-up box. Using an active, unique email address is important because it is how employees will be invited to AutoSpot and it is their Username so it cannot be used for more than one employee. If employees work at more than one location be sure to assign them during this step.


All your employees that you INVITE will now receive an invite to their email. They have 7 days to accept the invite and set up their password.

To remove an employee, you select the three dots to the far right of their name and select REMOVE. You can also Edit employee information by clicking the three dots and choosing EDIT.


Once you decide who you want to be available to be assigned to RO’s, we can set that status here in Settings by using the toggle next to Assign to RO’s under employee name and email.



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