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1. How technicians use AutoSpot

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3. How AutoSpot works together with our partners

4. How to use AutoSpot notes

5. How to manage production board?

7. How to add 'flags' and 'hold'?

9. How to search AutoSpot?

11. Why and how Autospot is different?

6. How to download all repair orders in an excel sheet?

8. How to add repair plan template?

10. How to switch your production boards for multi shop location?

12. How to customize your production board 

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AutoSpot delivers real time awareness of your work in progress with a digital production board, pro-active prioritization through automation

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Refinish Insider

Rethinking the Production Manager Position 

By Aaron Marshall

(November 1, 2015) 

" The key is “learning to see.” Learning to see is a scientific pursuit, not trial and error. Seeing a problem requires a defined (standardized) outcome against which to measure the result of our activities. In order to make use of any observations about our value delivery process, it must run in a consistent manner (like a manufacturing assembly line), follow instructions that define correct work in process, have a defined beginning measurement point, internal measurement intervals (to see numerically “how it’s going”) and an end point when quality (a written, measureable standard) is finally met. "....

Is your customer service representative empowered?

By John Shoemaker

(June 1, 2018) 

" How often do you think customers are rerouted to another person in your business? Is it always necessary?

I was in a collision center lobby waiting for the manager within earshot of the customer service representative (CSR). I listened to her answer the phone and within seconds she said, “Let me check.” She put the call on hold, summoned the needed person and transferred the call. After watching this routine four or five times I asked her what the inbound calls were about. "....

Broadening the scope of a customer service representative 

By John Shoemaker

(September 1, 2020) 

" One of the key points is to separate customer service from vehicle repair. There will be a time when the CSR will transfer the customer to a damage appraiser or repair planner — hopefully after capturing the keys. "....

Production management considerations

By John Shoemaker

(May 1, 2020) 

" The objective of production management is to make a vehicle move through a shop without hesitation. It requires a thorough review of the repair plan to determine what should be done and when to eliminate choke points in the shop to keep the vehicle moving. Any time a vehicle stops during the process, you create idle time for technicians, reduce touch time and increase cycle time. "....

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