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Team up your AutoSpot with our partners

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We are cloud based scheduler customizable for your shop, used by more than 150 shops in over 20 states to manage their scheduling needs. We have unique knowledge of the management systems and software that is specific to collision industry and understand how it interacts with today’s technology.  Our scheduling applications can streamline your business and increase your profits 

Key Features

  • Cloud Based Scheduler

  • Team Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Client Management

  • Mobile & Web Dashboards 

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The moment a vehicle estimate is written, PMCLogic automatically imports the data and calculates a detailed list of all the paint and materials required for the repair and creates an accurate, detailed invoice for payment based on the shop’s actual P&M usage and selling price for those items.

In addition, PMCLogic is a comprehensive P&M management system with numerous KPI reports and inventory functionality.

Key Features

  • Totally Automated Process

  • Predictive Material Checklist

  • Missing Line Item Alert

  • Integrates with Paint Mixing Systems


Our scan tool connects to the vehicle and allows for one-click, remote-assisted technician support with an average scan time of 7 minutes.  Almost every vehicle manufacturer has a position statement requiring pre-scans and post-scans, as well as repair procedures stating when calibrations are required.

Our unique profit-sharing program allows the shop to generate additional revenue!

Key Features

  • Remote Vehicle Scanning, Diagnostics, & Calibrations

  • ADAS Assistance

  • Live Tech Support 

  • Continuing Education Classes

  • Limiting Shop Liability

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Disassembly for Repair

  • Is your parking lot full of cars and your shop under constant chaos?

  • Do you struggle to get cars through your door? 

  • Or once you get to the end of the repair wait on one part for days while your customers call frustrated?

Let our interactive learning module be the start of your journey on establishing best practices to grow your business.

Check out Disassembly for Repair

Key Features

  • Planning and best practices for disassembly

download - Copy.png
  • Get your choice of smart TV display and tablets to run your business

  • Get installation and configuration services

AutoSpot recommended smart TV and Tablets 

  • Samsung - 65" CLASS BE65T-H LED 4K Commercial Grade TV

  • Samsung - Galaxy Tab S7 FE - 12.4" 64GB

Find a direct link to recommended TV and tablet. Add quantity as per shop needs

Key Features

  • Robust commercial grade TV for collision repair environment

  • Broadcast AutoSpot on TV and control through tablet


Leverage video to engage with customers, in marketing and operations!

AutoVideoEngage is a platform that allows you to easily create
professional video and harvest video testimonials from customers.

It can also be used to
communicate with customers during 
the repair.

Leverage content such as expert tip, brand videos and customer testimonials on social media, Google

Key Features

  • Video testimonials

  • Video emails

  • Brand videos

  • Capture a story

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