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Productivity Tool

AutoSpot helps you to be more productive by reducing chaos.
On an average each shop manager walks 30K steps per day at shop. It takes 4-5 hours to walk 30K steps, with AutoSpot visual management you can reduce your steps by 50%. 
We encourage digital communication over in person communication through notes, consolidated activity feed and prioritization.

Visually manage your work in progress by displaying it on any TV or tablets. Empower your technicians visually with the critical information they need on demand so they can see special items like
Flag, for example : ADAS Test Drive, PreScan, PostScan, Calibration
Hold, for example : Parts, Approval, Supplement
and Notes. 

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Activity Feed

Communicate efficiently by informing the right people at the right time.
Let's you know when car is behind, when car changes stage.


Activity Feed 2.png

Customize your Production Board by Technician, Flag, Hold and Insurance Company. Since every user has their own login they can customize their board to what they want to see. 


Smoke Alarm

Informs you at every repair when it's time for you to move car to the next stage.

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Automated RO Prioritization

This feature automatically sorts time critical ROs.
Our algorithms help you identify which repair order needs attention. This feature helps you live chaos free and grow your business by increasing awareness. You are the expert when it comes to collision repair and we will help you manage what needs to be fixed now

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We want to connect to any system that adds value to your business

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