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AutoSpot delivers real time awareness of your work in progress with a digital production board, pro-active prioritization through automation

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1. How to manage production board?

How to manage production board

3. How to add 'flags' and 'hold'?

5. How to search AutoSpot?

2. How to switch your production boards for multi shop location?

4. How to create new repair order?

6. What are the benefits of dividing production board into three sprints?

7. How to hide stages?

9. How to customize your production board 

8. How to create a repair plan?

10. Why and how Autospot is different?


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1. Rethinking the Production Manager Position 

By Aaron Marshall

(November 1, 2015) 

" The key is “learning to see.” Learning to see is a scientific pursuit, not trial and error. Seeing a problem requires a defined (standardized) outcome against which to measure the result of our activities. In order to make use of any observations about our value delivery process, it must run in a consistent manner (like a manufacturing assembly line), follow instructions that define correct work in process, have a defined beginning measurement point, internal measurement intervals (to see numerically “how it’s going”) and an end point when quality (a written, measureable standard) is finally met. "....

Michigan, USA

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