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 AutoSpot brings visibility to collision production

We have built AutoSpot to optimize the people, resources, effort and energy of your organization towards creating value.

AutoSpot's digital display board keeps everyone informed of repair order status, responsible technicians for each repair, scheduled completion, delivery dates and repair plan time for each stage.

Communicating repair updates is important but the way it's done today is inefficient and creates chaos.

Get more done.
Fast and easy.

By standardizing communication, you reduce chaos and confusion for everyone in the shop. Displaying your WIP visually by repair stage, allows you to get the information any time you want.

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Enroll today to bring efficiency to your collision shop

Production Board

Digital board with

 prioritized visual of work in progress

Activity Feed

Reduce chaos by organizing communication

Automated RO Prioritization

 Automatically sorts time
critical ROs



Connects to your existing systems and streamlines data input

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Productivity Tool

Data access and digital communication through application promotes productivity

Progress Indicator

Real time progress indicator for every repair order at each repair stage

Demo Videos

Managing the Chaos in the Modern Era”

Our shop has been using Autospot as a digital production tool for the better part of 2020. Autospot without a doubt has played an integral role in helping our team to maintain organization in one of our most chaotic years in recent memory. The web based nature of the software coupled with its simplicity and customizability gives Autospot an accessibility and ease of use that is unparalleled in our industry. The product support team has gone beyond the pale to ensure that our questions and requests are answered promptly and accurately. Their team's eagerness for critique and feedback is a testament to their dedication to continue to develop this system into an organizational pillar for collision shops of the future.

- Joseph Armento
   General Manager
   Precision Collision Center
   Louisville, Kentucky

We are AutoSpot
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